Citrus Derivatives That Include Biobased Ingredients

Florachem’s Mission (TX) manufacturing facility produces a variety of d-limonene grades including food grade orange terpenes, high purity orange terpenes (FG), and ultra high purity orange terpenes. We also produce 5 X and 10 X folded orange oil for flavors and fragrance applications.

Limonene Grades


Technical Grade

Orange Terpenes

Vacuum Distilled

Orange Terpenes, High Purity

Vacuum Distilled

Orange Terpenes, Ultra High Purity

P&F Grade

Limonene Alternatives

FloraSolv LX300

Bio-Based Solvent

FloraSolv LX311

Bio-Based Solvent

Citrus Specialties For Flavors And Fragrances

10X Orange Oil

Food Grade & Fragrance Grade

5X Orange Oil

Food Grade & Fragrance Grade

Lemon 360

Nature Identical, Food Grade Flavor

Lime 410

Nature Indentical, Food Grade Flavor

Citrus Odor Masks

FloraMask CB

Citrus Odor Mask

FloraMask LL

Lemon-Lime Odor Mask