Citrus and Pine Solvents

Citrus Solvents

d-limonene Alternatives

Technical d-Limonene Alternative

Pine Solvents

Standard Pine Dipentene

Standard Pine Dipentene from CST

Fragrance Grade Terpineol

Solvent Grade Terpineol

Synthetic Pine Oil – 85% Oxygenates

Synthetic Pine Oil – 60% Oxygenates

Synthetic Pine Oil – 30% Oxygenates

100% Gum Turpentine

Florachem Precision Cleaners

Florachem Precision Cleaners
Formulated cleaning products

Rosin Resins

Non-Hydrogenated Resins

Polymerized Rosin – 95ºC Softening Point

Polymerized Rosin – 105ºC Softening Point

Polymerized Rosin – 115ºC Softening Point

Polymerized Rosin – 140ºC Softening Point

Glyceryl Ester of Rosin

Pentaerythritol Ester of Refined Rosin

Hydrogenated Resins

Methyl Ester of Partially Hydrogenated Rosin

Partially Hydrogenated Rosin

Highly Hydrogenated Rosin

Acrylic Acid Modified Hydrogenated Rosin

Glycerol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin

Glycerol Ester of Highly Hydrogenated Rosin

Pentaerythritol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin

TEG Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin

Dimer & Trimer Acids

Dimer Acids

Distilled Dimer Acid

1st Pass Dimer Acid

Timer Acids

Citrus Flavors

Orange Oils

Natural Flavor Grade Folded Orange Oil

Natrual Flavor Grade Folded Orange Oil

Natural Flavor Grade Orange Oil

Citrus Specialties

Synthetic Lime Flavor

Synthetic Lemon Flavor

Natural Flavor Grade Lemon Terpenes

Aroma Ingredients

Cold Pressed Orange Oil

Natural Flavor Grade Orange Oil

Lemon Terpenes

Natural Flavor Grade Lemon Terpenes

FloraRez LRL
Aleol (Cis-3 Hexenol)
Aleol Salicylate
Alpha Pinene Dextro
Alpha Pinene Laevo
Alpha Terpinene
Alpha Terpineol (Terpineol AF200)
Amberonne (Iso E Super type)
Beta Pinene Laevo
Borneol Crystals
Delta Damascone
Dioctyl Adipate
Dipentene 0539
Dipentene 30/35
Gamme Terpinene
Pine Oil 85
Gum Turpentine
Isobornyl Acetate
Isobornyl Cyclo Hexanol (10% IPM)
Musk Concentrate
Oranger Crystals
Terpinolene 20
Terpinolene 90 P&F
Terpinyl Acetate
Timber Touch
Turpentine Oil
Ionone Alpha
Limonene P&F
Orange Terpenes

d-Limonene 96% minimum