Ultra High Purity Orange Terpenes

A specialty grade of d-Limonene that is produced in Florachem’s fractional distillation process,
exclusively from Orange (Citrus Sinensis). By the nature of the manufacturing method, performance
properties are carefully controlled yielding a very consistent product.
This product is often used in flavor and fragrance formulations which require tightly controlled
specifications including color, moisture, odor, purity, and low residue.

CAS Number: 5989-27-5

FEMA Number: 2633

 D-LimoneneOrange TerpenesOrange Terpenes, High PurityOrange Terpenes, Ultra High Purity
CAS#5989-27-58028-48-6 5989-27-55989-27-5
Limonene Purity>93%>95.0%>98.0%>99.0%
OdorDistinct OrangeFresh CitrusSlight CitrusSlight Citrus
Food GradeNo, GRASYesYesYes