Terpineol AF100

Terpineol AF100 is an industry standard liquid with a natural floral pine odor.
Terpineol AF100 is a mixture of terpineols consisting mainly of the alpha and gamma isomers.
Terpineol AF100 finds use in consumer applications such as fragrance compositions, disinfectants,
polishes, and various household cleaning products. Terpineol AF100 is also used as a solvent in coatings,
PV pastes, and enamels.

CAS Number: 98-55-5

 Terpineol AF200Terpineol AF100
Terpenes Alcohols %>90%>80%
OdorFragrance GradeLilac
Drum, 177 kg net
IBC/Tote, 850 kg net
Bulk, 20MT net