High Purity Orange Terpenes

High Purity Orange Terpenes (HPOT) is a 100% bio-based product produced by high vacuum fractional
distillation of orange oils. By the nature of the manufacturing method, performance properties are
carefully controlled yielding a very consistent product.
HPOT is often used in situations where citrus odor needs to be minimized or where formulations require
performance specifications (color, moisture, odor, purity, and NVR) be tightly controlled.
HPOT has benefits over many other solvents due to its excellent solvency, high degree of
biodegradability and derivation from renewable resources.

CAS Number: 5989-27-5

 D-LimoneneOrange TerpenesOrange Terpenes, High PurityOrange Terpenes, Ultra High Purity
CAS#5989-27-58028-48-6 5989-27-55989-27-5
Limonene Purity>93%>95.0%>98.0%>99.0%
OdorDistinct OrangeFresh CitrusSlight CitrusSlight Citrus
Food GradeNo, GRASYesYesYes