FloraSolv LX311

FloraSolv LX311 is Florachem’s best alternative to d-Limonene. LX311 has substantially similar solvency, odor, physical properties and Hanson solubility parameters when compared to d-limonene. LX311 is bio-based, essentially non-toxic, and, most importantly, cost effective. Florachem produces LX311 at its new Jacksonville (FL) manufacturing plant.


 FloraSolv LX300FloraSolv LX311
Terpene Hydrocarbons%>95%>95%
Food GradeNoNo
Antioxidant Package
Bio-Based Solvent
Readily Biodegradable
Low Non-Volatile Residue (NVR)
Drum, 177 kg net
IBC/Tote, 850 kg net
Bulk, 20MT net