FloraSolv LX300

FloraSolv LX300 is a cost-effective, high performance alternative to d-Limonene in many household,
institutional, and industrial applications.
This specially formulated, bio-based product is produced from renewable resources and has a distinct
citrus odor, substantially similar to d-Limonene. A special antioxidant package has also been added to
maintain these important properties.
FloraSolv LX300 solvency is comparable to d-Limonene and commonly used petroleum distillates. This
product is considered low in toxicity and is readily biodegradable. It finds use in cleaning compounds
and other “green” formulations.

 FloraSolv LX300FloraSolv LX311
Terpene Hydrocarbons%>95%>95%
Food GradeNoNo
Antioxidant Package
Bio-Based Solvent
Readily Biodegradable
Low Non-Volatile Residue (NVR)
Drum, 177 kg net
IBC/Tote, 850 kg net
Bulk, 20MT net