d-Limonene is extracted during the production of orange juice.
d-Limonene has a characteristic odor of oranges and is most often used in the manufacture of bio-based
cleaning compounds, and as a flavor and fragrance additive.
d-Limonene has benefits over many other solvents due to its excellent solvency, high degree of
biodegradability and derivation from renewable resources.

CAS Number: 5989-27-5

 D-LimoneneOrange TerpenesOrange Terpenes, High PurityOrange Terpenes, Ultra High Purity
CAS#5989-27-58028-48-6 5989-27-55989-27-5
Limonene Purity>93%>95.0%>98.0%>99.0%
OdorDistinct OrangeFresh CitrusSlight CitrusSlight Citrus
Food GradeNo, GRASYesYesYes