Vinex Construction Specialties from Florachem

Florachem is the exclusive North America distributor for Vinex brand asphalt emulsifiers and concrete air entraining agents manufactured by Industrial Oleochemical Products (IOP) of South Africa. The Vinex range, innovatively derived from naturally renewable forest resources, is designed specifically for use in a variety of infrastructure projects, including construction, maintenance, and restoration of roads, parking lots, sports surfaces, and other pavements; dust control on construction sites; soil stabilization; and all types of construction with concrete, cement, and mortar.

Featured Products:

Anionic Asphalt Slow-set Emulsifiers – Slow Set, resin, powder form:
     •Vinex Resin 130

Anionic Asphalt Emulsifiers – Slow Set, potassium soap, liquid form:
     •Vinex Resinate MX130-K

Anionic Asphalt Emulsifiers – Rapid Set, liquid form:
     •Vinex RS-550

Cationic Asphalt Emulsifiers – Rapid Set and Medium Set, liquid form:
     •Vinex CAT CRM 60
     •Vinex CAT CRS 65
     •Vinex CAT CRS 80

Cationic Asphalt Emulsifiers – Slow Set, liquid form:
     •Vinex CAT CSS 23

Anionic Asphalt Emulsifiers for Dust Suppression – Slow Set, liquid form:
     •Vinex 30

Asphalt Adhesion Promoters (Anti-strip Agents):
     •VinexGuard S5 (amine-based)
     •VinexGuard N4 (nano-tech based)
     •VinexGuard S400 (100% bio-based)

Concrete Air Entrainment:
     •Vinex Resin CAEA


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